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Hands-on training #1

This training, delivered by Dmitrii Kulik with help of Dan Miron, took place on February 19, 2021 in the form of a videoconference with more than 50 participants (of 100 registered users to date). The aim was to help the users of CemGEMS web app quickly acquire technical skills for using CemGEMS efficiently and saving time. The training consisted of three parts (about 15 min each), recorded and provided as videos below.

Agenda of hands-on training on Feb.23,2021.

The training, during which all participants could work with CemGEMS web app simultaneously, was followed by a Q&A session (about 35 min long).

Part 1: Getting started

Part 2: Process simulations

Part 3: Modifying processes

These videos are also available as a playlist on the cemgems YouTube channel.