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CemGEMS web app tutorial

Version 0.6.1 beta

Accessing CemGEMS web app

CemGEMS web app is accessible anywhere, anytime, in any web browser (except Internet Explorer) by navigating to

Internet access is required to log in (log out) and to equilibrate recipes or simulate processes.


CemGEMS v.0.6.1 beta may contain breaking changes, see changelog. To properly activate these changes and retain your previous recipes, processes and plots, after the upgrade (announced per e-mail to all registered users), please do the following: (i) log out (if you have not yet done so in this web browser); (ii) navigate to and reload the browser page; (iii) login with your credentials to CemGEMS and wait 5-10 seconds until you will be logged out automatically; (iv) login again and work as usual. In case of problems, clean up the application memory in the browser as described in the troubleshooting page, and login again. Your existing recipes, processes and plots will not be affected. Note that all new features and functionality will be available only in newly created recipes, processes and plots, so we recommend you to delete your existing ones and re-create them. Due to the continued development, the chance of breaking changes and partial loss of user data upon upgrades may persist until the final v.0.7.0 release.


The CemGEMS web app can compute isothermal and adiabatic heat effects of cement hydration. These calculation results are in part approximate and should be viewed as provisional only, until a sequence of testing, benchmarking and verification steps is completed in future releases.

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Dear User! Your feedback is paramount for the developers to make CemGEMS web app truly useful, funny and pleasant to work with. To assist you, we provide a button with a dialog, as shown on this screen image:

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Clicking on "Compose email" button will open up your default email composer, where you can enter your text and attach screen images, or (better) put them onto your cloud drive and add the URL link to email that will go to admin

Last update: March 19, 2021