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CemGEMS web app


Here we inform about relevant changes from release to release, starting from v.0.4.0 beta, which is the first version of CemGEMS with unassisted user registration and streamlined workflow.

v.0.4.2, August 3, 2020

  • Fixed a technical debt in GEMSW processing of quantities of constituents and formulae in mole amount or mole fraction units. However, quantities of materials and of the whole recipe can only be provided in mass units (g, kg, mg) because of pre-processing W/B ratios (otherwise, the units will be changed to g (grams)).

  • Upon GEMS failure in simulation of a new process, the new process document is now available for editing using jsoneditor, which allows an expert user to fix it and run the process completely.

  • Other minor bugfixes, more error detection and error messages.

v.0.4.1, June 30, 2020

  • Added a plot template "Aqueous-pH-pe-Eh-IS", improved process and recipe templates ("Calcite" constituent in "Cement" material is now "CaCO3").

  • Fixed bugs in templates resulting in wrong legend colors in horisontal and 2-D stacked bar charts for some cement recipes (e.g. LC3).

  • Fixed a glitch preventing the normal operation of CemGEMS web app for user names with period '.' (e.g. john.smith).

v.0.4.0 beta, June 22, 2020

The first release of CemGEMS with unassisted user registration and streamlined workflow (for beta-testing).

Last update: August 3, 2020