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CemGEMS user guide

Plot definitions for process simulation results

Plot template (in revision, TBD)

In order to facilitate sampling and plotting of process simulation results, CemGEMS web app provides a plot template compatible with all provided process templates and recipe templates. The new plot document is automatically created from a "$default" Plot template, also saved under a "$default" name in conjunction with the parent process.

The plot document contains tables with all abscissa and ordinate data collected from step recipes generated by the parent process. When the Plot definition is created, another template is automatically inserted as the "dataLegends" section, where the order of constituents, phases etc. in the table output is defined, and legend colors for plots of these are set. These settings can be edited by an expert user with help of the jsoneditor (which also has a color adjustment widget), if necessary. The plot definition document can also be cloned under a different name and modified further, if needed.

Any plot-table definition can be adjusted/modified by the (expert) user, as described in the redefining-plots page.